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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Proper intake for a healthy Dinner

Just like eating at any other time, the dinner also has health benefits for the body. Dinner served to provide a sufficient energy intake for 8 hours or more until the time arrives the next morning's breakfast. In addition to being able to stabilize blood sugar, dinner is also useful for stabilizing mood (mood) and refresh your mind, Moms.

Despite that, many people skip the dinner for fear of fat. But it won't happen if you were able to choose the right intake. In addition, try to eat before 7 pm and 2 hours before you sleep, so that the food consumed are not into fat deposits in your body.

The following is the recommended food for dinner so that the body remains healthy and ideal.
Vegetable Salads
Start eating dinner with salad greens such as lettuce and cucumber, mixed with tomatoes, sliced shallots or onions. Salad of green vegetables are good for the body because it has a high fiber and low calories. You can also add mustard, pepper, and olive oil so that the salad tasted more delicious, Moms.

Protein-Rich Foods
Select high-protein food food for Your dinner menu, such as lean beef, fish, tofu, or beans that can be processed by means of boiled or grilled.

Whole grain or brown rice
Replace white rice with wheat as your dinner. Excellent grain consumed by people who are on a diet because fiber-rich and nutritious vegetables. But if Moms get bored with wheat, you can also replace it with eating Brown rice.

If you're on a diet, you should limit consumption of sugary foods and replace them with fruits. Choose citrus fruit or apples that have very high fibre content.

Well, now you can keep dinner without having to worry about feeling fat, 

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