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Monday, January 28, 2019

6 lifestyle changes, the key to the treatment of Gout at home

People who experience uric acid will feel the pain of the joints until the swelling. Though indeed the disease cannot be cured, but the symptoms can be controlled. In addition to relying on drugs from a doctor, there are ways of treatment of gout in a House that is worth a try. Treatment at home can help you control the symptoms of gout that appears. Thus, the treatment as anything that can be done at home?

6 treatment of gout at home that requires you to change your lifestyle

The key to the treatment of gout at home is by changing your lifestyle. Of course, you have to turn it in the direction of a better and healthier. Lifestyle changes is quite potent and efficacious to control symptoms of gout. Here's a variety of ways that you can do at home.

1. Monitor Your body of uric acid levels
Things you should have is uric acid assay. While this tool checks uric acid can be used by the patient. The shape is almost the same as blood sugar Checker tool at home.

So, using the tool You can continue to monitor Your levels of uric acid. Normal uric acid levels are below 6 mg/dL for women and men below 7 mg/dL.

2. Exercise regularly
ngobatan uric acid in another home the easiest is to do regular exercise. Work out regularly with medium intensity for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week.

Symptoms of gout can be more controlled if you do sports. Exercise makes Your joints properly trained, so that it can prevent joint pain that often strikes people with gout.

3. Keep your weight with proper diet

People who are obese have a higher risk for having high uric acid than people who have normal body weight.

To maintain weight, choose the source of complex carbohydrates in your diet. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grain. Avoid foods such as sugary pastries, candy, sweet drinks and products containing high fructose sugar.

In addition, reduce the saturated fat from red meat, poultry and dairy products, fatty foods that contain high fat. Choose your daily source of protein from lean meat, fish, and poultry about 2-3 pieces per day. Another source of protein that can be added in your diet is low-fat dairy products or yogurt.

In addition, choose foods that should be avoided and is restricted to prevent a surge in gout the higher i.e. avoid foods and beverages that are high in purin (uric acid), namely seafood, red meat, sugary foods (containing sugar), alcohol, and offal

4. Expand the drinking water white
Instead of consuming alcoholic beverages or sweets, you should choose a proven white water healthier. Often drink alcohol proved can improve levels of uric acid, thus causing attacks of gout occur.

By drinking at least eight glasses of water a day will help transport the nutrients and also substances that are unused in the body. Some experts believe that drinking water will help launch the disposal of uric acid that accumulates in the body.

Aside from the white water myself, choose fruit that contains water could also be one way to streamline spending on gout.

5. Remedies uric acid from doctor
In addition to the selection of foods, how to cope with gout in the other House was dutifully taking the medication. If you have been diagnosed experience uric acid high and was given medication by a doctor, a special drink of drugs according to the instructions given on a regular basis.

Usually the doctor will also prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs for inflammation like celecoxib, meloxicam, indomethacin, or sulindac moment occurs when the pain began to pain and swelling.

6. Relying on natural medicine
You can also cope with gout at home by relying on natural materials around you. But surely this natural materials still can not fully replace the function of the drugs already given doctor. This natural remedy can only help control symptoms that appear only. Here is a natural remedy gout can be consumed.

Apple vinegar
Offered in Healthline page, there has been no scientific study that examines the use of Apple Cider vinegar in the treatment of gout. However, cider apple vinegar is the material can reduce the occurrence of inflammation, thus preventing the onset of a pile of uric acid in the joints.

Research proves that Apple Cider vinegar can help lose weight by making the samples feel full more quickly.

Well, with decreased weight, levels of uric acid would be more easily dropped. A study of the year 2010 followed by men aged 35-57 years subs 7 years showed results that people who undergo weight changes (decrease) about 22 points, has the possibility of 4 times more likely to lower the levels of grain is acid. Therefore, the consumption of cider apple vinegar can help the process of decline.

Ginger can also help deal with sufferers of gout. Ginger acts as an anti inflammatory substances that prevent the formation of crystals and relieve symptoms of gout that occurs.

Ginger contains some anti inflammatory substances i.e. gingerols and shogaol, Both these substances that will help reduce the severity of the inflammation that occurs.

Lemon vitmain C not only provides that help relieve pain due to uric acid but lemon also helps provide potassium. Potassium is used to maintain kidney function and helps maintain the pH levels slightly alkaline urine and blood.

With the share of kidney function and the pH levels can help prevent the formation of crystals of uric acid. One way easy, squeeze lemon into a glass of warm water, and drink it in the morning.

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