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Monday, December 24, 2018

Overcome Excessive Vomiting Nausea while pregnant

Overcome Excessive Vomiting Nausea while pregnant
Morning sickness or nausea vomiting normally experienced by pregnant women. But there is a condition of excessive morning sickness, Hyperemesis gravidarum named (HG). According to the website of BabyCenter, HG is not normal circumstances and only experienced by 3 percent of pregnant women.

HG usually occurs when pregnancy age 7 weeks and gradually lost after 14 weeks of gestation. Unfortunately, approximately 10-20 percent of pregnant women who experience HG should continue to experience it throughout pregnancy. If it happens until the end of pregnancy, pregnant women are usually already have a companion disease, such as ulcers.

The Cause Of HG

In fact, the cause of HG is not known with certainty. Just as morning sickness, there are many factors that may affect the hormonal changes, one of them a beta HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) that are only found on the body of pregnant women. This hormone is made by the embryo soon after conception and is required for the growth of the network of the placenta.

This pregnancy hormones have an impact on increasing the production of progesterone by the ovary so suppress menstruation and maintain pregnancy. HCG hormone production will be increased to 12-14 weeks gestational age, then the number is likely to be stagnant.

This hormone is an indicator which is detected by the test pack through the urine. High hCG levels unknown in the blood causes nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, including HG.

mentioned there are several other conditions that increase your risk of experiencing HG when pregnant, such as:

1. Twin Pregnancy

2. Your mother or sister experienced the HG when pregnant.
3. Suffering from HG in a previous pregnancy.

4. you usually travel sickness.

5. Have the digestive diseases, like ulcers and liver disease.

Not only physically tortured, HG will affect Your psychological conditions. You will feel exhausted, depressed, and unable to enjoy the pregnancy. If the treatment is fast and precise, HG is not harmful to the fetus and the mother.

How To Resolve

Some indication of pregnant women experiencing HG is dehydration, weight loss going up to 5 percent of their initial weight, and the mother is simply not able to eat. If you're having HG, you will also have trouble doing anything. You will always throw up even though only a little water to drink, let alone if eating something.

That is, if you ever experienced it, should immediately ask the help of a doctor. Dehydration and electrolyte disorders in the body will affect the health of the mother and the fetus. This will bring up some of the risks, for example kidney disorders and awareness.

Generally, pregnant women with HG should be treated to get an infusion from lose body fluids. Usually, with the use of infusion, nausea and vomiting will be reduced. However, there are some parameters that require pregnant women are hospitalized, one of them tests urine ketone. If urine ketone test results showed more than + 1, then the mother has to be hospitalized to demonstrate improvements in terms of clinical, i.e. can already packed, and in terms of laboratory test results, namely the ketone urinenya has already reduced or equals + 1.

As a first step, the doctor will definitely stop the dehydration you. Then, you will get a special medicines, such as vitamin B6. If nausea and vomiting is not reduced, the doctor will probably give you other medicines have an effect more powerful.

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