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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Milk and other foods to Avoid children from Anemia

The toddler age children or pass 1 year can already given the milk anything other than breast milk. The number of ideally about 400-500 ml per day. Milk given shall be infant formula or milk UHT the volume adjusted to that amount.

Milk and other foods to Avoid children from Anemia

UHT milk formula or else generally contain iron. So, you need not fear the little affected by anemia or lack of blood after being given milk. This is because iron is becoming an important factor in maintaining the adequacy of blood in the body.

Milk and other foods to Avoid children from Anemia

Any amount should fit, should not be too little or too much. Granting any new can be done after the child is past 1 year. Because, digestion children are still able to absorb iron from BREAST MILK instead of cow's milk.

That is precisely the less precise is when you only give BREAST MILK to the little one when he was already over 1 year. This is because the content of iron in BREAST MILK already reduced a lot and easily soluble in water.

Iron in infant formula or UHT impressionable phosphorus and also hard to dissolve. As a result, these substances can not be absorbed properly by the body. To address the needs of iron, surely it is necessary to other capable of sufficient intake of essential substances. As a guide, the following list of foods that can fullfill the needs of iron the little one:

1. Tomato

Iron will be better absorbed by the vitamin C, and both are available in the tomatoes. Although the iron in it not too tall, but tomatoes have a rich antioxidant and is good to prevent cancer. The mineral potassium contained in tomatoes also serves keeping blood pressure remained stable.

2. Red meat

In the flesh, there are deposits of iron contained in hemoglobin (heme iron) is more easily absorbed by the body. Vitamin B12 in them to produce red blood cells is also beneficial for the body. You can deliver two to three times a week to the little one.

3. Spinach

This green vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that are abundant, no exception of iron, which can help the body produce more red blood cells. Blood flow in the body will also be more smoothly. You can combine the spinach omelet with vegetable or made clear as the menu for the little one.

4. Dates

In addition to iron, the dates have a high content of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. It tastes sweet can become a favorite fruit snacks the little one. Dates alone could be the source of the energy enhancer, lho!

5. Fruit Bits

Fruit with red flesh has deposits of iron that could reduce the symptoms of anemia. In addition, the bit can also maintain heart health and like vitamin C, B6 and folic acid. Could you make the fruit bit as fresh juice to the grassroots in the afternoon

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