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Friday, November 2, 2018

Thrush Medicine for Children

Do not want to eat, fuss, complain of pain ... at least that is what happens when children experience canker sores. There is no other important thing that can be done by parents other than trying all the way so that canker sores heal quickly. Including the use of canker sores for children or infants. The use of thrush drugs for children is somewhat different from adults, this is related to the causes of canker sores which can differ between the two, and it could also be due to the ability to use different drugs. For example, if the thrush drug used is a drinking drug, then what is suitable for babies and small children is syrup, while for adults in the form of tablets and so on.

In medical terms canker sores are called gingivostomatitis or stomatitis only, which is a condition of an ulcer on the oral mucosa that causes pain. Gingivostomatitis is caused by a viral infection and often occurs in children and infants. The virus that causes canker sores in children and infants includes the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), the coxsackie virus that causes Singapore flu and herpangina. The symptoms can be mild or severe, in the form of small wounds (about 1 to 5 millimeters in diameter), grayish or yellowish in the middle, and red around the edges. The location and severity will depend on the virus that causes the gingivostomatitis. The location of canker sores can be located in his gums (also called the gingiva), on the inside of his cheek, behind his mouth, or his tonsils, tongue, or soft palate.

Because this canker sores can be very painful, the baby may be fussy, more saliva comes out than usual, and doesn't want to eat or drink a lot. Other symptoms that can arise are bad breath, high fever (up to 104 degrees), and enlarged lymph nodes on the side of the neck. If there are symptoms in this last sentence, then see a doctor immediately. In some cases, especially in infants, there are other forms that are similar to canker sores, and are often called sores by parents in Indonesia. This condition is a fungal infection called oral trush in the form of white patches on the mouth, as shown below:

Child and Baby Sprue Drugs Because the true cause of geingivostomatitis is a viral infection, the child does not need to be given antibiotics. Sprue in children and babies will heal on their own in one or two weeks. Here are some things we can do to make it more comfortable and speed up healing: Give acetaminophen syrup (paracetamol) or ibuprofen to help reduce pain and fever. If the baby is under 3 months, ask your doctor before giving him any painkillers. Give enough fluids, even though he may not want to drink because of pain, but fluids are very important. So, make sure the child gets plenty of milk or formula milk. If the baby is over 4 months old, you can also give him another drink such as water or dilute apple juice as long as you don't give him acidic or carbonated drinks. If the baby has been given solid food, then provide soft foods such as mashed potatoes, yogurt, applesauce, and other soft foods that do not require chewing. But don't force the baby to eat solid food if his mouth hurts. For older children, avoid spicy foods, hard foods such as fried foods, crackers, chips, and the like. If the child is able to gargle, recommend rinsing with warm salt water. Do it for 30-60 seconds minal twice a day. Children or babies do not need to be given thrush drugs like adults. Enough with the above treatment, canker sores will heal quickly. Sprue medicine for babies due to fungus (Oral trush) In cases of baby thrush caused by fungi, oral trush. If the condition is mild, it can heal by itself. Even if the condition is severe, anti-fungal drugs are needed. In this case the doctor needs to check first. If the baby is positively exposed to oral trush and requires treatment, then the drug usually prescribed is Nystatin drops, or topical anti-fungal lotion can be used to treat fungal infections. Further please read: Sprue medicine in infants: Oral Trush That is a picture of canker sores in infants and children and their treatment that requires special attention because it is different from adults, so hopefully it is useful.
Source: Sprue medicine for children and infants - Mediscus

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