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Saturday, October 20, 2018

FG Troches Meiji: Dosage, Rules of Use, & Side Effects

FG Troches Meiji is a drug commonly used to treat sore throat, mouth sores, tonsils, sore throat, gum infections, and other mouth and throat disorders.
This drug is included in the type of drug whose composition consists of two main types of substances, namely Gramicidin and Fradiomycin.
At a Glance FG Troches Meiji Fradiomycin Gramicidin does look like candy, it tastes similar to orange flavored candy.
But FG Troches Meiji cannot be disposed of carelessly without the right dose and dose because it will provide benefits that are not good for the health of your throat and mouth.

FG Troches Meiji for any medicine?
Still often wondering if this Troches FG can be used for anything? FG Troches Meiji is a type of medicine to treat disorders around the mouth and throat.
But in its use you must get a prescription from a doctor.

FG Troches Antibiotics or not?
Yes, FG Troches is a type of antibiotic drug. Not the lozenges. 

FG Troches for Pregnant Women?

Is it safe to consume FG Troches Meiji for pregnant women?
This drug does not need to be consumed in advance for pregnant women. There are doses, rules of use, and side effects that really need to be read first.
Especially for use in pregnant women must be under the supervision of a doctor. In its use you must get the right dose prescription.
As with the use of FG Troches for nursing mothers, you should also consult a doctor first.

Rules for Use of FG Troches Meiji, Dosage, Composition, Indications, and Contraindications
Consider the following explanation about dosage and how to use FG Troches:

FG Composition of Troches Meiji

The composition of the Troches Meiji FG drug is as follows:
 2.5 mg Fradiomycin sulfate
 Gramisidine-S HCl 1 mg

Fradiomycin or Fradiomycin is one variant of antibiotics that reacts to bacteria from a broad spectrum type. Fradiomycin functions to kill bacteria from the type of gram-negative bacteria.
While Gramicidin is an antibiotic that functions to kill bacteria from gram-positive bacteria.
Several types of bacteria that can be switched off using Fradiomycin and Gramicidin are bacteria from the type of Streptococci and Staphylococci which are often the cause of disturbances and inflammation of the mouth and throat.

Dosage and how to use FG Troches Meiji

The following is the dosage and method of using the drug FG Troches Meiji

1. Doses of FG Troches Meiji for adults: 1-2 tablets consumed 4-5 times / day
2. Dosage of FG Troches Meiji for children: 1 tablet consumed 4-5 times / day
How to use:
FG Troches form tablets that are easily dissolved in mucus channels. FG Troches Meiji is used by suctioning, not swallowing.

FG Troches must be consumed in accordance with the dose given by the doctor.
This is caused by FG ​​Troches Meiji is an antibiotic drug which when used is not in accordance with the dose can actually cause resistance (immunity) in bacteria.

FG Troches Meiji is an antibiotic drug used to treat infection problems in the mouth and throat. The main task of this drug is to kill the infecting bacteria and cause pain / inflammation.

FG Troches Meiji can also be used for:
1. Throat inflammation or pharynx or pharynx (pharyngitis)
2. Inflammation of the Oral Cavity (Stomatic)
3. Gingivitis (Gingivitis)
4. Tonsillitis (Tonsillitis)
5. Inflammation of Bronchus (Bronchitis)
6. Lendir Mouth Membrane Inflammation (Angina Vincent)
7. Sprue

In the use of FG drugs Troches Meiji has no specific contraindications, but be aware of the use of:
Patients with a history of allergy to drugs derived from aminoglycosides (Streptomycin, Gentamicin, and Kanamycin) - It is recommended not to use FG Troches
Use in the elderly must be under the supervision of medical personnel because of the risk of causing interference due to avitaminosis.

FG Side Effects Troches Meiji
The side effects of FG Troches Meiji drugs that are serious can be said to be rare.
FG Troches Meiji usually causes symptoms of mild side effects such as redness in the oral cavity, decreased appetite, the tongue turns black, digestive disorders, nausea.
Use in the elderly and those who are malnourished (malnutrition) can cause disruption due to lack of vitamin B such as inflammation of the tongue, thrush, and inflammation of nerve cells.
This must be addressed immediately because in the long run it can cause damage to nerve, kidney and hearing cells.

FG Troches Meiji can also cause symptoms of vitamin K deficiency which results in increased risk of bleeding.

Latest 2018 FG Troches Prices
The latest FG Troches Meiji price: Rp. 15,000 / 10 tablets
Sp Troches Meiji: Rp. 9,700 / pcs

Although FG Troches Meiji is available at pharmacies and can be purchased freely, but in its use, you are advised to consult with your doctor first.
This is because FG Troches are antibiotics that should not be used carelessly, there are doses and rules of use that must be obeyed.
May be useful.

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