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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Benefits Watermelon

Who do not like fruit watermelon? The fruit is red and slightly sweet, crispy and fresh, this is indeed the most scrumptious enjoyed when the daytime or after eating spicy food. Watermelon fruit is one of the fruits that have a lot of fans because it tastes very fresh, the content of its nutrition value is also very good for health. Watermelon fruit contains vitamins A, B6 and C are very good as antioxidants the body. Prepare your content too low so no need to worry when body weights will be eating this fruit. Watermelon fruit is also rich in potassium and lycopene are good for heart health and cancer prevention.

Watermelon Fruit Benefits
Following further reviews about the benefits of watermelon for the health and beauty of your body.

1. Anti premature aging
Watermelon fruit contain nutrients such as complex likopen, vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium that can ward off free radicals from attacking the environmental exposure of your skin. Among them are exposure to UV rays of the Sun, pollution, smoke, etc. The exposure-exposure poses various problems on the skin such as fine lines, black spots, acne and premature aging. Antioxidants in watermelons will help the body to release the cover of the free radicals that are in the body so your skin become more healthy and bright.

2. Keep the Humidity of the skin
When you have problem skin is dry and scaly, Watermelon is the best fruit which can help resolve your issue. Watermelon fruit contain the abundant moisture content so that it can give the extra moisture to the skin. Consume watermelon fruit can also keep the body to avoid dehydration. To maximize the benefits of watermelon for the beauty and health of your skin, other than consumed directly, you can use watermelon as a natural mask is to give the maximum results for skin's moisture. Use watermelon fruit mask twice a week to get the desired results.

3. Maintain Kidney Health
Watermelon fruit contains vitamin complex, other than your body needs, it also contains potassium which is very instrumental in helping the kidneys function.  Potassium contained in watermelon it will clean up toxic substances deposited in kidneys and launch the process of excretion and reduce the levels of uric acid that can trigger the formation of kidney stones. Watermelon fruit consumption regularly also will make the process of disposal of toxic substances and the rest of the food in the body run more optimally so your body will feel fitter, lighter, and healthy.

4. Ward off Cancer
As already mentioned earlier, watermelon contain vitamin C and lycopene. Both kinds of these substances are very instrumental in protecting the body from serangkan a variety of free radicals that cause cancer. In addition, the benefits of watermelon to ward off cancer is also obtained from the antioxidant compounds in it that add up to very high and good to prevent the growth of cancer cells and other malignant diseases.

5. Maintain bone health and heart
Inside the fruit watermelon, contained compounds likopen which serves to help the body maintain a work function of the bones and heart. Watermelon fruit can make blood flow in the heart of terpompa with more maximum. In addition, the cells of the body also regenerate properly as well as oxidative level in blood vessels that cause heart attacks down drastically. Watermelon fruit also contains calcium that is effective to form bone density so that the bone becomes firm and free from disease osteoporosis.

The Dangers Of Consuming Excessive Watermelon

Despite the myriad of benefits and be the fruit of a very popular by many, but watermelon can also harm to the health of the body when consumed in excess. Want to know what are the dangers that can arise when you are eating too much fruit watermelon? Read more below.

1. Gastrointestinal
Although required by the body, but the content of lycopene in watermelon fruit when consumed in excess can disrupt the digestive system and triggers the onset of gastrointestinal. The advantages of lycopene in the body will cause the body experiencing diarrhea, bloating, nausea, and vomiting so you should consume watermelon in a reasonably amount only.

2. Hyperkalemia
Watermelon fruit rich in potassium, but when consumed in excess, excessive potassium content in the body can trigger a condition called hyperkalemia. The condition of hyperkalemia is harmful to cardiovascular health from heart to heart beat irregular, muscle work, system disorders and disorders of the nervous system. Excess potassium is also bad for the kidney organs because the kidneys have to work hard to remove excess potassium in the body and in the end can trigger kidney function decline due to a kidney work too hard.

3. Disruption of the body's Nutritional Stability
Watermelon fruit with antioxidants and vitamin complex is indeed very useful for health because it helps cleansing sisan substances and toxins in the body. However, when consumed in excess, watermelon fruit can also effect conferring bad because nutrition – essential nutrients are contained in the body also cleaned up and wasted. In fact, nutrition is indispensable so that the body remains powerful and strong.

4. Trigger Diabetes
Watermelon fruit fairly contains high Glycemic i.e. amounting to 72%. High glycemic index values on watermelon fruit which causes the levels of insulin in the pancreas breaks down sake that decreases blood sugar levels and diabetes occurred. Carbohydrate content in watermelon is also high enough so that when consumed excessively could be harmful for blood sugar levels.

5. Low blood (hypertension)
Watermelon fruit when consumed in excess will make blood pressure in the body become low so you'll feel limp, dizziness, cramps, neck and tingling. Low blood pressure occurs when a person has blood pressure under normal conditions i.e. 120/80 mmHG.

After reading the explanation above, certainly now that we increasingly understand that the benefits of watermelon fruit turns out to be very good for health, but can also be dangerous if consumed excessively. Eat watermelon fruit to taste and make sure it is fresh and free of chemical preservatives so that the benefits obtained more optimal.

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