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Thursday, October 11, 2018

5 Benefits of Quaci for Health

5 Benefits of Quaci for Health - From the page Lifetsyle.okezone.com says that quaci or can be called sunflower seeds is one part of sunflowers that can be converted into snacks for us to eat. The savory taste found in these kuaci seeds can indeed spoil our tongue while relaxing.You need to know, not a few postulates of sunflower seeds are produced in addition to secondary needs. This tiny kuaci seed contains a number of natural compounds that you can use to maintain the body's situation to stay healthy and strong. Besides that, we can use sunflower seeds to prevent and cure certain types of diseases, as quoted from okezone.com page (03/03/2017).

5 Health Benefits that You Need to Know
1. Maintaining Heart HealthThe magical benefit hidden in this quaci is to guard heart health. Consuming a quarter of a cup of kuaci each day, then you are sufficient to meet the needs of vitamin E in your body, useful to get rid of bad cholesterol fat which is the main cause of destruction of heart organs.

2. Natural anti-depressant medicationBesides containing vitamin E and antioxidants, quaci turned out to also be said to be a snack that has antidepressant compounds. Just like the one in red grapes, eating this type of snack is best for health, because it can control the hormone cortisol. Where is the hormone that can make you worry and stress.

3. The best antioxidantsKuaci contains good antioxidants, this business is true because more than 60% of the ingredients of this quaci contain vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant for the body.

4. Lowers CholesterolThe content of phytosterols in these seeds can be useful as a cholesterol lowering in our body. Phytosterols are the content contained in plants with cholesterol-like chemical parts when served. Besides that, the content of Pitosterol found in plants can also increase the immune system and counteract the dangers of certain cancer cells.

5. Prevent Osteoporosis / Maintain Bone HealthBesides containing vitamin E and other compounds, quaci is enriched with the type of vitamin D. Where this vitamin has been relied upon and needed by the body to help glue bone cells to avoid osteoporosis.

5 Benefits of Kuaci for Health Hopefully useful

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