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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Review Benefits of guava

Guava psidium or white meat, with a yellowish or pink, is a fruit that have a lot of benefits.

Historically, psidium often utilized in the traditional medicine, both in Asia and in Central and South America. Psidium rich nutrients that can cure inflammations, and also contains many antioxidants. UAH also has fiber and flavonoids, beta carotene, lutein, vitamin C, and magnesium.

Psidium can also enter super food because it contains special substances, flavonoids, namely guaijaverin, which is good for the digestion.
Therefore, if indeed the seasons, enter or guava psidium into your daily menu, for example, made smoothies.

She is 7 or guava psidium benefits for health we have to optimize.

1. Lower blood sugar
If you are consuming cooked without peeling his skin psidium, psidium benefits you can get can lower blood sugar. According to research from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, fiber can slow the absorption of the psidium sugar in the intestine.

2. Nourish good bacteria in the gut
Research in Mexico found the fact that good psidium to fight bad bacteria in the intestines, as well as help good bacteria living in balance. Psidium extracts also have gastrointestinal infection can prevent.

3. The Healthy condition of the mouth
Because it has the effect of anti-inflammatory, psidium can lose the inflammation in the oral cavity Rich content of vitamin C and flavonoids in psidium can also accelerate the process of healing the swollen gums. Even guaijaverin they contain could help fight the formation of plaque.

4. Healthy Heart
Research in Brazil prove if packed psidium regularly for 12 weeks can reduce blood pressure, as well as reduce the level of cholesterol.

5. Fight infection
It goes without fear if ingested or chewable seeds. The seeds contain psidium anti mycobacteria so that it can help reduce infections, including urinary and digestive.

6. Fight diarrhea
Remember, right, small time chewing guava leaf was asked if being diarrhea? It turns out that research in Mexico and Jamaica proved that good fruit, psidium nor leaves, contains anti mycobacteria who can fight diarrhea.

7. Eliminate heat in
Traditionally, if the heat in, we were asked to drink the juice of the psidium. It turns out many studies confirm that is indeed powerful psidium cure inflammation, heat in, also great for diabetics.
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