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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Benefits Young Corn

The benefits to the health of Young Corn-corn are fruits that become part of the mainstay of farmers. The fruits are not only useful when corn is harvested or when half-cooked, but young corn that has not been brought forth turns out to have many health benefits to the body. Its shape may be small, but apparently no small benefits for health.

Benefits Young Corn
Corn in Indonesia is no longer a rare plant, because this plant is one that thrives on the Equator or in tropical countries. Corn in the past not only as food but the snack also became an important food staple for food or part of people, even up to in some areas in Indonesia are still using maize as staple food rice. Young corn is corn taken from the tree, but also corn is harvested before the seeds to harden. Then what are the benefits to the health of Young corn. The following this review
Young Corn benefits for the health of the body

1. Helps lose weight
Corn healthy food that is low in fat, this is so blatantly on young corn. So young healthier corn is actually rather than large corn. The low fat content, rich in folic acid, potassium and has a low glycemic index made the corn more healthy if compared to the old corn. This could be why reason benefits for the health of young corn is better than has been great.

So, too, for those of you who want to lose weight it is recommended to consume a low-fat corn but rich in potassium and fiber, and low glycemic index.

2. Launch the digestion
Furthermore, the benefit to the health of young corn is waging the digestion and metabolism of the body. This is because in a lot of young corn contains B vitamin that plays a role in waging the digestive activity, not only in young corn also contain lots of fiber which is great for the body's digestive and waging of constipation or constipation.

3. Preventing diabetes
Young corn for health benefits in preventing diabetes. The high fiber content as well as at least the content of carbohydrates in corn make this healthy fruit consumed and can prevent diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes.

4. As a healthy source of energy
Saturated fat content slightly in young corn corn makes it still healthy for consuming. Moreover, in young corn is also much proteins. Protein is what will be the source of energy, because the proteins work in arranging and restore muscle tissue in the body.

5. Prevent disease Alzeimer
Young corn for health benefits in preventing Alzeimer. Alzheimer's disease is the Alzeimer cause someone's missing memories, usually occurs in elderly people, but not a possibility disease Alzeimer occur in young people.
Why the young corn, as corn many contains folate, it is this substance that works to prevent the onset of senility on someone. Folate is a useful element in providing nutrients for the brain.

6. Prevent high blood pressure (high blood pressure)
In young corn have potassium levels of up to 17 mg. This is who will organize and stabilize the blood so as to prevent a person from high blood pressure. Potassium is an important mineral for the body, because it works in regulating blood and blood flow.

7. Prevent lung damage
Furthermore, the benefit to the health of young corn is to prevent damage to the lungs. This could happen because in young corn contain cryptoxanthin, this substance will be changed into vitamin A, this will prevent the occurrence of cancer in the lungs.

This some of the benefits to the health of young corn. By knowing this simple information, hopefully we can love the corn for consumption we can make Coconut Curry dishes with corn. May useful

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