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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Benefits of Ambarella Fruit

Je Health. Do you like the acids? Or like to make rujak? This one fruit you often make as an armpit mixture makes rujak. Kedondong, we can make sweets, eaten directly, made rujak or processed into various herbal ingredients that are very beneficial for health.

There are many benefits of Ambarella fruit fruit for health and beauty. Even this fruit can also overcome and prevent various dangerous diseases, such as heart disease also reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.
Benefits of Ambarella Fruit

What are the Benefits and Benefits of Ambarella fruit Fruit for the tested Health and Beauty? Before we discuss what the benefits are, let's first discuss the nutritional content contained in it. The following is a list of nutrients found in mature Ambarella fruit.

The amount of cooked Ambarella fruit (food weight) = 100 gr
Part of the fruit of Ambarella Cook that can be consumed (Bdd / Food Edible) = 58%

Total Energy Content of Ambarella cook Fruit = 41 kcal
Number of Protein Content of Ambarella Cook Fruit = 1 gr
Amount of Content of Ambarella Masak Fruit Fat = 0.1 gr
Amount of Carbohydrate Content of Ambarella Fruit Cook = 10.3 gr
Amount of Calcium Content of Cooked Ambarella Fruit = 15 mg
Number of Phosphorus Content of Ambarella Cook Fruit = 22 mg
Number of Iron Content of AmbarellaCook Fruit = 3 mg
The Amount of Vitamin A Fruit of AmbarellaCook = 233 IU
Number of Content of Vitamin B1 Fruit of Ambarella Cook = 0.08 mg
The amount of Vitamin C in Ambarella Cook is 30 mg.

Nutritional Information Sources: Various publications of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and other sources.

Benefits and Benefits of Ambarella Fruit for Health
1. Cough medicine
Prepare 3 pieces of Ambarella fruit then wash thoroughly.
After that, grated Ambarella fruit until finished.
Without adding the squeeze water and giving a little salt. Ready to drink 2x a day.

2. Stomach Pain and Diarrhea
Use ± 15 grams of fresh bark of Ambarella fruit then wash thoroughly.
After washing, then cut into small pieces,
Boil with 2 cups of water for 15 minutes.
After cold boiled water, strain immediately, and filtered water can be taken 2x a day.

3. Treating ulcers and burns
Ambarella fruit leaves are also used traditionally to treat ulcers, sore wounds and burns.

4. Treating and Overcoming Diarrhea
Use approximately 15 grams of fresh Ambarella fruit bark that has been washed.
Then cut into small pieces and boil with 2 cups of water for 15 minutes.
Wait until cool then strain and filtered water can be taken 2 times a day.

5. Maintenance of Digestive and Diet Channels
The content of fiber in 100 grams of Ambarella fruit which reaches 0.83-3.60 mg is very useful for improving gastrointestinal function. In addition, because it contains fat, protein and carbohydrates in low amounts, Ambarella fruit can also help those who are running the program. Diet for weight loss. It's just that, if you want to consume Ambarella fruit for your diet, choose one that is not properly cooked because the content of the immature immature fruit is very high in fiber and water. While the Ambarella fruit is mature, the sucrose content is high, increasing the number of calories in it.

6. Overcoming anemia
For those of you who have anemia or lack of red blood cells are recommended to consume Ambarella fruit, by consuming 100 grams you have taken 30 mg of iron, can help the process of red blood cell formation.

7. Prevent heart disease
As mentioned above, Ambarella fruit contains calcium, as we know, calcium is very useful for preventing heart disease.

8. Eye health
The presence of vitamin A in Ambarella fruit fruit plays an important role in the health of the human sense of sight. This vitamin helps channel the object that the retina receives into the brain as an image. The compounds that play a role in this case are retinol.

9. Increases endurance
The presence of nutrients contained in Ambarella fruit in the form of sugar in the form of sucrose is certainly very important as vitality and endurance.

10. as an antioxidant
Thanks to the Vitamin A content, this Ambarella fruit can function as an antioxidant. Besides vitamin A, Ambarella fruit also contains vitamin C. Of course these two types of vitamins play an active role as antioxidants that can counteract free radicals. Both free radicals that come from body oxidation or outside pollution.

11. wound healing
With the presence of Vitamin A, it can help to maintain healthy tissue in our body. Because of this Ambarella fruit can help accelerate the healing process of wounds.

12. Overcoming anemia
The iron content in 100 grams of Ambarella fruit reaches 30 milligrams, can help the process of red blood cell formation. Besides iron, apparently Ambarella fruit also contains vitamin B1 which can help the production of red blood cells and increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body and prevent anemia.

13. Prevents premature aging
Not only kiwi and mango fruit contain vitamin C, because Ambarella fruit also has the same content. The content of vitamin C can protect important molecules, such as proteins, lipids (fats), carbohydrates, and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from damage caused by free radicals, toxins, or pollution. Free radicals are one of the factors causing premature aging.

14. Control cholesterol levels
Aside from being anti-aging, vitamin C found in Ambarella fruit also helps metabolize cholesterol into bile acids, which may have implications for blood cholesterol levels and the onset of gallstones. So that Ambarella fruit is useful for controlling your cholesterol levels.

15. Recovery of the body
This is certainly inseparable from the content of vitamin C in Ambarella fruit so that it can help to maintain immunity and help the athlete in the process of recovering his body after doing heavy training.

16. Maintain healthy bones and teeth
This is due to the phosphorus content found in Ambarella fruit which is beneficial for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

Benefits and Benefits of Ambarella fruit for Beauty
1. Beauty of Face and Body Skin
Rich in vitamin C, which is 30-50 mg in 100 grams of Ambarella fruit, so consuming the fruit can help the skin regeneration process by increasing collagen production which plays an important role in skin elasticity. In addition, vitamin C is also an antioxidant that can prevent free radicals.
How bro and sis? There are so many benefits. It turns out that we should not underestimate the cheap fruit that is not even sold and we can get it for free. That's some 17 Benefits and Benefits of Ambarella fruit for Health and Beauty that we can get if we consume this one fruit. May be useful.

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