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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Benefits and Dangers Consuming of Durian

Benefits and dangers of durian-Previously we have explained the benefits of a durian in General for the health of the body. While this time, as a connection from the previous article, we'll look at it in a wider scope even if its article is rather concise, i.e. the benefits and hazards of consuming durian.

Durian fruit is a great fruits including even including the largest fruit from the list with the Peel thorny sharp and loud. Durian fruit weighs usually different 1 kilogram – 4 kilogram, while its diameter can reach 15 to 30 centimeter. Meat durian fruit usually yellow rather gold, but there is also sometimes a bit pale white (this is usually not sweet). Durian seeds there are large and small depends on the type of durian itself.
Benefits and Dangers Consuming of Durian
Durian trees grow wild Forest Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, and there are also growing because of the cultivated, this is the largest. Durian trees will bear fruit when the age of his planting already 4 years. Durian tree will grow steadily until it reaches an altitude of 50 meters. So these plants will last for dozens of years.

Then what are the benefits of a durian for health and what are the dangers. As reported by from various websites on health there are some benefits of a durian fruit as well as danger, following his review.

Benefits of a Durian Fruit for the health of the body
1. The Durian fruit can be great for digestion, so it can cope with constipation who felt someone. The high fiber content in the flesh of the fruit of the durian fruit is the reason this is important is eaten by suffering from digestive problems.
2. Overcoming the disease anemia. Content of folic acid and vitamin B9 in fruit durian fruit makes this delicious smell nice fleshy to become producer of red blood cells, allowing blood deficiency can be corrected.
3. Good for skin health. Vitamin C in fruit durian fruit makes this nice spine skinned in preventing the onset of aging and wrinkling of the skin. Vitamins in our role as a good anti oxidant keep damage to skin cells.
4. in Durian beneficial to bones and joints. The content of potassium and calcium in the durian is very beneficial for maintaining bone health, including the health of joints such as knees, fingers etc segment.
5. Benefits of durian to regulate the stability of the blood. The durian fruit can stabilize the blood, because of in this fruit contains manganese. However, still not nice when consumed in great numbers.
6. The content of copper in fruit durian is great in keeping the thyroid health.
7. Because a lot of vitamin B1, then durian fruit is useful also to maintain appetite
8. Riboflavin compounds or Vitamin B2 in the durian fruit to make delicious is beneficial for preventing the onset of a migraine.
9. Fruit durian also useful to relieve stress and cope with depression, this is not another because in the fruit durian contains vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine.
10. Phosphor in the durian is very beneficial for maintaining healthy teeth and mouth.

The Dangers of Consuming Fruit Durian
After we discuss the benefits of a durian for health, we now know what danger durian fruit for health.

Maybe we often hear that the durian fruit to have health hazards, especially associated with pregnant women, due to the effects of heat on durian that might result in miscarriage in the fetus. But there has been no clear evidence that medically. In addition to harmful to the health of the fetus they contain, there are a number of other hazards the durian fruit when it is consumed by anyone, i.e.:

1. In durian Fruit can increase blood sugar even to diabetes, if large amounts of consuming and too often then high glucose content in the durian will be the cause of diabetes.
2. In addition, the Durian is also harmful to digestion when consumed along with alcohol. In addition, alcohol content and cholesterol in durian can dangerous for heart health.

The most severe hazard of durian is when consumed along with alcohol, because the sulfur content in the durian will inhibit the metabolism of alcohol and this could trigger death. So, be careful towards the fruit is sweet and delicious, while there are also a number of toxins therein.

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