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Friday, October 12, 2018

Curcuma Tablet

Curcuma Tablet Enhancer Appetite: Drinking Rules, Side Effects, Dosage and Prices

Curcuma Tablet is a solution to increase appetite (appetite enhancer). Therefore, for you or your child who is experiencing decreased appetite, may be able to start trying to use Curcuma this tablet as a solution. Not only that, this drug can also be prescribed to maintain liver function. How does this drug work and what are the other benefits? What kind of drinking rules curcuma this tablet? Are there any curcuma side effects of tablets? Here's the discussion.
Benefits of Curcuma Tablet
Curcuma Tablet is a medicine that can be consumed to improve the patient's appetite. In addition to the benefits of curcuma tablets for appetite enhancers, these drugs can also be consumed to maintain the health and function of your heart. There are still some other benefits of this drug that you can find in the indication section in this article.

The composition of this drug is very simple: 200 mg of curcuma is powdered.

Curcuma this tablet can be prescribed for you who have an indication below:
Amenore (no menstruation)
Anorexia (loss of appetite)
The skin becomes yellow
Health maintenance of liver function
Blockage of bile duct
The mucous membrane becomes yellow

Curcuma Dosage Tablet
The dose of this drug depends on the patient's complaints. The following doses of curcuma tablet for each symptom:
For patients who have an appetite disorder can eat 1-2 tablets every day.
For patients who have jaundice due to blockage, initial consumption is 1- 2 tablets per day. If symptoms persist, patients are encouraged to take an additional half -1 tablets daily.
As for the symptoms of Amenore, patients can consume 1 to 2 tablets every day and starts on the first day of menstruation.

Curcuma Tablet drinking rule
For the use of this drug, patients should consider the following things:
Patients should always follow a prescription when taking this drug.
These drugs may be consumed only after meals.
Patients can consume at the desired time provided that it is given a considerable distance in one day.

How to Store Drugs
You should keep this medicine at room temperature and protected from light. In addition, these drugs should be kept in a place far from the reach of children and pets.

How Curcuma Tablet Works Appetite Increase
This drug is a herbal remedy that has curcuma as its active ingredient. Curcuma is able to stimulate appetite in patients. In addition, this drug is also an anti-inflammator agent that is active in the body as well as a wound healer.

Side Effects Curcuma Tablet
This medicine is an herbal remedy so it does not provide many side effects unless it is consumed excessively. When consumed in excess, this drug can cause some side effects below:
Gastric Irritation

Contra Indications
Curcuma drugs are essentially herbal plants that are extracted so there are no specific rules for their consumption.
Warning and Caution
No special warning on consumption of this drug other than do not take this drug excessively. Patients should always follow the appropriate dose guidelines while waiting for the drug to work.

Packaging and Price Curcuma Tablets
The medicine is packed in a cardboard containing 10 blisters. Each blister contains 10 film-coated tablets.
This drug is manufactured by PT SOHO Industri Pharmasi with POM TR license. 052 549 901.
The price of the drug curcuma tablet is 8000 rupiah per item or 77.000 rupiah which contains 100 grains.
This herbal remedy is safe to be consumed by anyone, both adults and children. In addition, there are no reports about Curcuma Tablet side effects and contra indications of this drug consumption is very fatal / harmful to users.

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