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Friday, October 12, 2018

8 Benefits of Betel Leaf Stew when Taken

Who does not know the type of leaf that is very beneficial for this health? Usually betel leaf is identical with the grandparents and grandparents, where they do chew betel activities, aka chew betel leaf is for some time that he said is useful for health, especially the overall health of the body. In fact it is not only the elders who like to consume betel by chewing just like that, a lot of easy people and adults who are accustomed to chew betel or sirih leaves. Betel leaf itself does have many benefits, especially for health. How to consume also vary, there are directly chewed, there is also a consume the results of boiled water.
Well, this article will discuss what are the benefits that can be obtained through the consumption of betel leaves, especially those consumed only boiled water.

Here are some benefits of betel leaf stew that many felt by the community:

8 Benefits of Betel Leaf Stew when Taken

1. Cure asthma
You have offspring and often experience asthma symptoms? Asthma is a very troublesome kind of disease, although it is not a chronic disease type, such as diabetes and heart disease. Asthma itself will cause effects and symptoms that are very disturbing activities, such as:
• Out of breath
• Difficult to carry on heavy activities for long periods of time
• Breaths are short and beaten
Well, for those of you who often experience and feel the symptoms of asthma, you can take advantage of betel leaf, especially stew of betel leaf to resolve symptoms - symptoms that arise because of asthma.

How to treat betel leaf to treat asthma symptoms?
Here are the steps you can take to treat asthma symptoms:
• Take 4 - 5 pieces of betel leaf
• Boil betel leaf by using 2 cups water to boiling and remaining 1 cup water only
• Drink the results of the stew regularly, about 2-3 times a day, either when asthma symptoms appear, or not.

2. Heal sore throat
Sore throat is almost similar to asthma. Although not a chronic disease, but sore throat has symptoms that are very annoying and very annoying. Well, you can make a decoction of betel leaf, in exactly the same way as asthma treatment, but drink the boiled water only when you feel a sore throat only. Cooking water from betel leaf can relieve your throat and relieve sore throat symptoms, such as:
• A hoarse voice
• Coughs
• Pain during swallowing
• Difficult to speak

3. Treating pain and irritation of the eyes
The benefits of decoction of the next series of leaves is to treat irritation of the eyes and reduce pain. Eyes are one of the most common and most susceptible organs of infection and inflammation. This is because the eyes are often open and many allergens and pollutants that can cause irritation to the eyes, which makes the eyes become:
• Itchy
• Coloured Red
• Feels sore and sore
When eye irritation occurs, and ordinary eye drops cannot be relied upon to cure it, then you can try using a betel vine stir to relieve eye irritation symptoms.

How to?
Here are the steps in treating betel leaves to treat irritation and pain in the eyes:
• Take 1 to 2 pieces of betel leaf
• Boil betel leaves to boil with ½ - 1 cup water
• Wait until the water is cold and not hot
• Squeeze the leaves of betel leaves to the eyes, or you can also use betel cooking water to compress your eyes.

4. Menstruating
For those of you women who often experience problems when menstruation or menstruation, and you do not like the herbs that katana can launch menstruation, you can try to consume stew from betel leaf. This is proven, because the drug products on the market also contain extract betel.
Here are the steps - steps to boil betel leaf:
• Take 3 - 5 pieces of betel leaf
• Boil betel leaves to boiling
• Wait and let stand until it is too hot, then drink during menstruation or menstrual period.

5. Eliminate bad breath
One other benefit of betel leaf stew is to remove bad breath. Sometimes bad breath, especially after eating foods that cause bad breath, is very disturbing. Therefore, you can try to use a stew of betel leaves to remove your bad breath.

How to remove bad breath with betel leaf?
Here are the steps that can be done to eliminate bad breath by using betel leaves:
• Take 3 to 4 pieces of betel leaf
• Boil the betel leaf to boiling
• Wait and let stand until the stew becomes cold and not hot
• Gargle with boiled water betel leaf, especially after eating and after a toothbrush.

6. Cleaning oral cavity from germs
This benefit is the same as the benefits of betel leaf stew that is able to refresh and eliminate bad breath. You can make the betel leaf stew the same way as the number 5, then gargle by using the betel leaf stew after eating and brush your teeth.
Good also cleans the oral cavity

7. Treating canker sores and gums
Actually to treat canker sores and pain in the gums, you can chew the betel leaves directly. But if you feel disgusted with the betel leaf that is chewed directly, then you can try another alternative, namely by gargling with the decoction of betel leaf.
The steps - the same step as the number 5, gargle when you feel canker sores, because betel leaf has a vitamin that can help speed healing canker sores.

8. Treating dengue fever
The decoction of betel leaves is also believed to help and accelerate the healing of dengue fever,
Here are the steps - steps that can be done to utilize the decoction of betel leaf as a medicine for dengue fever:
• Take 5 - 6 pieces of betel leaf
• Boil betel leaves using 2 glasses of water
• Wait until it boils and leaves only one glass of water
• Drink the results of the stew regularly, approximately - 2 times a day

That's some of the benefits of betel leaf stew is very useful and good for our health. Good luck, and hopefully this Je Health article is useful.

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