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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

7 Benefits of Jicama

Benefits of Jicama

Jicama famous for its usefulness to whiten skin. Apparently not only that the efficacy of the fruit Jicama. Jicama has many health benefits for the body. Benefits of Jicama for health include:

7 Benefits of Jicama

1. Smooth digestion
One of the constituent elements of carbohydrates contained in Jicama is very useful for the health of flora in the intestine that served to launch the process of digestion. High water content in the yam also plays a role to speed up the digestive process in the body.

2. Sugar Level Controlled
Jicama forget one of the fruit that serves as a peluruh and laxative. With these two functions, Jicama able to minimize the absorption of food in excess in the intestine, especially sugar that can increase blood sugar levels.

3. Sources of Vitamin C
Although the yam does not have a sour taste as in fruit with other vitamin C content, the vitamin C content found in high Jicama. In 100 grams of fruit Jicama there are 20 milli grams of vitamin C.

4. Rich Will Isoflavones
Isoflavone compounds commonly contained in nuts can also be found in fruit Jicama. The content of isoflavone compounds in Jicama is high enough, so it can serve as an alternative source of isoflavones if we do not like foods derived from nuts.

5. Giving Sour Flavor
Jicama is also good for consuming hyperglekimia sufferers because Jicama able to give a sense of satiety for those consuming without having to increase the calories that can trigger the glycemic index.

6. As Fever Drugs
Jicama has a chemical properties that can be cool and can be used to reduce fever. Jicama consumption directly or made juice every morning and afternoon.

7. Lower Blood Cholesterol Levels
One way to lower cholesterol levels in the blood is to make food arrangements properly and correctly. Jicama juice therapy can be done to lower cholesterol in the blood. Water content and fiber in Jicama can help lower cholesterol levels in the blood. In addition to fiber and high water content, vitamin C content in Jicama that serves as an antioxidant can also help in the process of decreasing cholesterol levels in the blood.

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