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Friday, March 9, 2018

CDR (Calcium D Redokson) for Vitamin supplements

CDR (Calcium D Redokson)

Strong bones and teeth Strong bones are needed to support your daily activities. Bone strength can be prepared early on, with your needs. If calcium deficiency, bone can be thin and fragile at a later date. CDR with Strong Bone Formula, contains calcium and other essential vitamins that are essential in the healthy and healthy bone formation process. A CDR with fresh orange flavor helps to meet your daily needs if necessary to stay active at this time and later.

Use of CDR

Supplementation Calcium, VitaminC, D, B6 for healthy bones in adults, and help meet the needs of calcium in pregnant and lactating women.
Also required for growth, healing, poor nutrition and food absorption.

CDR packaging

Available in packaging: CDR (Calcium D Redoxon), 1 bottle @ 10 effervescent tablets (netto @ 4600 mg).

Composition of Calcium D redokson

Every effervescent tablet CDR Contains: (% AKG)
Calcium (in the form of calcium carbonate 625 mg): 250 mg (31.25%)
Vitamin C: 1000 mg (1111%).
Vitamin D: 300 IU (75%)
Vitamin B6: 15 mg (1153.8%).
Additives: Orange perfume, mandarin orange.
Can be consumed by diabetics.


This product contains low artificial sweetener aspartame and acesulfame. Not used in people with high phenylalanine and phenylketonuria.

Recommended Usage

Effervescent tablets per day or according to doctor's instructions.

How to use
Dissolve effervescent tablets into a glass of water to produce effervescent beverages with fresh orange flavor. Should be taken immediately after being dissolved.
Close the tube tightly and store it in a dry place, below 25 degrees Celsius.

Produced by

PT. Bayer Indonesia

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